CEU / CPE Credits

Your company’s human capital is its most important asset. Developing this asset is critical to differentiating your company from the competition.

Your employees share your interest in their development. As professionals, they invest their time and energy in continuing education to increase their skills, their performance, and the value they bring to your company. For some professionals, Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are required each year to maintain specific credentials.

As an advocate for the development of your employees, you want to be sure that they receive recognition and credit for high-value professional education. One of the best ways to do this is to establish processes that let them earn CEUs for classes they attend.

From your company’s perspective, there are additional benefits of CEU authorization: certification validates that you have implemented a quality training curriculum; and certification will help you fill your classes with participants, one of the biggest challenges a corporate trainer faces.

By investing in the “right” CEU credit authorizations, you can incent participants to actively seek out your course offerings. Because many professionals are required to fulfill a minimum number of CEU credits per year, offering CEU credits gives them another reason to attend your courses.

At PriSim, we have experience assisting clients with the CEU authorization process. In some cases, PriSim’s corporate courses have even been accredited for college credits because they cover material similar to our Northwestern University Masters courses.

The CEU authorization process is sometimes complex but it is manageable. PriSim’s courses are strong candidates for CEU credits in Planning and Strategy, Finance and Accounting, Marketing and Competitive Analysis, and Leadership and EQ.

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