Strategic Finance in Green

A high-energy Strategy and Finance exercise to build financial acumen.

Help your team better understand the financial and strategic challenges that your clients face on a daily basis.

Over a period of several days, this fun and engaging finance and management exercise immerses your team in a complex business case study in which they run a simulated company in competition with other teams. Key financial learnings will be driven by a computerized business simulation, content lectures, and group discussions.

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Walk a mile in a CEO’s shoes, and speak the language of business: Finance!

Your clients’ C-level executives and management teams use financials every day to gauge their company’s performance. If your team doesn’t speak that language when they interact with them, you are at a competitive disadvantage.

Finance is the language of business, and fluency in that language is the price of entry.

But how best to learn that language? We believe that the best way is to do it, not just listen to it. And research confirms that adults understand and retain new concepts better when they are actively engaged in the learning process.

Working in teams, participants develop a strategy and make business decisions in a dynamic environment. Throughout several rounds of the simulation, each team must target, manage, price, market, and sell products based on customer expectations and buying preferences.And they’ll walk out of the course speaking the language of business.

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Client-testimonial video describing how PriSim Business Simulations classes help attendees See Things Differently.

“[The Instructor] made this one of the best training experiences I have ever had. The case competition using a simulation is very creative and productive.”– Finance Director, Asia, May 2015

Participants Will Learn

  • How to read an Income Statement and a Balance Sheet
  • How to manage fixed and variable costs effectively
  • How to measure success using financial ratios (ROS, ROE, ROA, asset turnover, leverage, etc.)
  • Market segmentation and targeting
  • How to manage inventory
  • The difference between strategy and tactics
  • Effective group decision-making roles and processes
  • How decisions in each functional area impact overall business performance

Client-testimonial video highlighting the Engaging and Immersive nature of PriSim Business Simulations classes.

“PriSim allows a team to get a good feel on the implications of pulling levers within a business under the protection of a simulator. For that reason alone it is a great tool to gain further perspective and crucially to give individuals the chance to test their own theories against others. I would certainly recommend using it across a business and different functions.”– Chief Underwriting Officer, Asia Pacific Insurance Division, March 2016

Who Should Attend

  • New/Experienced Managers who need to better understand finance
  • Functional experts who need to broaden their business acumen
  • Emerging leaders moving into new roles
  • Anyone who can’t tell an ROA from an ROE…

Help Them Earn CEU / CPE Credits

We can also help you to authorize your PriSim course for Continuing Education Units (CEUs). We’ve helped other clients do this and there can be significant benefits to your participants. We’ve outlined some additional thoughts on authorizing CEU credits here.

“The PriSim experience provided participants with a unique perspective that they otherwise would not have been able to experience. The program gave them insight into multiple factors that impact bottom line results. Ultimately, the attendees gained a more well-rounded knowledge of business and are better managers as a result.”– Senior Vice President, Top-10 U.S. Insurance Carrier

Sample Agenda

Our courses revolve around teams running simulated companies in competition with other teams. In addition, teams participate in class lectures and discussions.

At the end of each decision round, teams analyze their company’s (and their competitors’) performance using financial and industry reports. Participants will learn how to use these performance metrics to grow the business and improve bottom-line performance.

Strategic Finance - Sample Agenda

“The simulation was amazingly well organized and we learned a lot about applying what we studied in a real-company context.”– Stanford Student participating in MEMPC/PriSim competition hosted by PriSim and Northwestern University, March 2014

Sample Lectures

Financial Statements

Video-overview of financial reporting. The video reviews the three financial statements that companies use to report on the performance of their business.

Financial Metrics and Ratios

Video-overview of key financial ratios. The video reviews some common metrics that companies use to gain insights into the effectiveness of their business, and the strengths, weaknesses, and improvement opportunities in performance.

“PriSim ran crisp sessions that brought a focus to the financial aspects of running a business. Many of the attendees are front line sales and didn’t have an appreciation of all aspects of running a business.”– US Marketing Manager, Global Insurance Carrier