Case Study #4: Developing Future Leaders

Client: Top-5 Aerospace and Defense Company

Simulation Used: BizFighter™ (aerospace and defense simulation)

Specific Business Need: Provide an industry-specific business “flight simulator” and proving-ground for the next generation of company leaders.

Solution: PriSim’s® client wanted a highly customized course and simulation that would allow their up-and-coming talent to experience first-hand the complexities of running an aerospace and defense (A&D) contracting business. For the first 4-years of this client relationship, PriSim® utilized a generic manufacturing simulation. After the 4th year the client realized that they needed real industry dynamics, language, and financials in the simulation exercise. PriSim® designed and built a custom aerospace and defense business simulation along with lecture-content reflecting the unique dynamics of the A&D business. A&D-specific terms, concepts, and dynamics were designed into the course including:

  • Program Management, 6-Sigma, and Competitive Bidding
  • Earned Value Management (EVM) and Schedule and Cost Performance (SPI and CPI)
  • Return on Invested Capital (ROIC)
  • Staffing and Workforce Planning


Built business skills applicable to real-world roles and responsibilities that the participants are expected to apply on-the-job as they develop in their careers. Enhanced the leadership acumen of new decision-makers who apply these skills at the program-level in bidding on new programs and managing active programs, and also at the corporate-level in managing to specific measures such as ROIC and cost and schedule performance. Additional modules were created to continue participants’ development after attending the BizFighter™ course. Modules include interactive “short-courses” to separately teach details of ROIC and Estimate at Complete (EAC) in interactive labs focused on these financial management techniques.