Case Study #8: Transition from Operations-Focus to Sales-Focus

Client: Top 15 Financial Services Company

Simulation Used: Branch Challenge™ / Real Time Sales Management Simulation™

Specific Business Need: Change the field organization from an operations focus to a sales focus.

Solution: Our client was fundamentally changing the roles and responsibilities of the Branch workforce. Previously, the Branches were operationally-focused (underwriting), however market dynamics and competition demanded a radical shift to become more sales-focused. A key focus of this effort involved the Branches assisting their agencies in increasing production.

PriSim® created a new branch-level simulation, Branch Challenge™. The business simulation challenged Branch staff to better understand how a sales-focused Branch thinks and operates. In the simulation, teams utilize a constrained workforce to analyze Agency-partners and customer opportunities, and then develop/execute discrete and comprehensive Sales Management Plans that maximize growth, retention, and profitability. Within Branch Challenge™, attendees practice the same analysis/decisions they would need in a real-world sales-oriented branch:

  • Agency profiling and analysis.
  • Customer segmentation and opportunity identification.
  • Sales pipeline management.
  • Lead sourcing and prospecting.
  • Agency visitation planning including resource allocation, sales assistance, rate management, and commission management.

During the exercise, participants are also provided the opportunity to develop specific sales-focused plans for their real-world regions.

Results: Built sales management acumen in Branch personnel through intense, interactive training in core sales management skills. Enabled greater buy-in for the change initiative. Assisted participants in developing real-world sales management plans.