Case Study #1: Developing Financial Acumen

Client: Top 5 Mortgage Bank

Simulation Used: Cycloan™ (branch management simulation)

Specific Business Need: Communicate new financial reporting measures.

Solution: Our client needed to communicate to regional and area-level mortgage-branch managers the new way that business success and profitability were being measured, and the new way that revenues, expenses, and profitability were now being reported.

PriSim® customized an existing branch-level simulation, Cycloan™, to replicate the business dynamics of a mortgage loan center. Classes of 30-people divided into teams to compete running separate simulated mortgage branches. Teams received customer-segmentation data to differentiate the needs and wants of specific customer groups. Within Cycloan™, attendees practiced making the same decisions they would need to make in a real-world mortgage branch:

  • train loan originators
  • define products to sell to different market segments
  • set rates charged for specific products
  • promote and advertise mortgage products
  • develop sources of leads
  • manage staffing and support

Built fundamental business acumen in managers through intense, interactive training in core business skills. Took directors, managers and VPs to the “next level” of business acumen and leadership. Imparted a holistic view of the business tying together the core functions of running a branch business and the overall fit with the parent company.

Developed and improved attendees’ understanding of the company’s business model from a perspective of “controllable profit”. Demonstrated how specific decisions made in operating a branch feed into and impact the rest of the organization. Provided a “laboratory setting” in which to practice branch-level strategies and to demonstrate the final outcomes of profitability at a corporate level.