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PriSim® developed a custom Aerospace & Defense Business Simulation for Raytheon that incorporates the language and business dynamics of the A&D industry. Prior to developing the customized exercise, a more generic course was conducted over a four-year period using an off-the-shelf manufacturing simulation. Ultimately, it became clear that a customized solution would be even more effective in enhancing the business and leadership acumen of Raytheon decision-makers. The customized course creates a strong tie between the learning activities from the course and participants’ real-life roles and responsibilities.

Following the development of the BizFighterTM Business Simulation, Raytheon engaged PriSim® to develop an interactive “short-course” to teach Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) and an additional course to teach Estimate at Complete (EAC). The ROIC LabTM and EAC LabTM developed by PriSim® are rolling out across all of Raytheon. In 2006, over 1,100 participants went through the ROIC LabTM course. In 2007, almost 1,700 participants experienced the highly interactive learnings in the ROIC LabTM.

“The value of the BizFighter course is that it provided adult learners opportunity to gain experience in a simulated environment. Working within a team environment, under stress (time) factors to set strategy, analyze and act upon volumes of information, and then be able to see the impact on the income statement was the value of taking this course.”
– Conflict Minerals Program Manager, Raytheon Company

“I truly enjoyed the BizFighter class and feel it was a valuable learning experience. The simulation and class experience was extremely enjoyable and the Instructor was a very knowledgeable and up-beat facilitator. The simulation provided insights and understanding as to how a business runs and this was complemented extremely well with the business instructions and lectures. The class was more than worth the time invested and I highly recommend this class.”
– Senior Program Engineer, Raytheon Technical Services Company

“The experience was spectacular – it underscored my academic lessons and enhanced my professional skills using a model of my industry. It presented the implications of business decisions in a dynamic environment that allowed me to immediately, and without an undo button, realize the impact of those decisions.”
– Program Manager, Munitions, Raytheon Technical Services Company

“The BizFighterTM course by PriSim® surpassed all expectations of my classmates and me, and drew the entire class into being active participants. The course gave us insight into the short-term and long-term customer-focused and performance-driven decisions that have to be made by the highest levels of an organization in order to stay in business. We learned the inter-relationship between investing in Six Sigma, CMMI projects, and technology and people, and how those investments relate to the bottom line. Because of BizFighterTM, it became clear to me that my company’s investment in this course can be linked to an overall strategic plan to grow employees’ core competencies and that in turn will help position the company for more wins on follow-on and future contracts.”
– Program Manager, Raytheon Technical Services

“The structure of the BizFighterTM course – a simulated competition – was unlike any other course I have taken in college and beyond. This departure from the lecture style of teaching provided an exciting and challenging way to learn how business leaders make complex decisions. I was impressed by defense-specific course tailoring, and I’m taking home with me a much healthier respect for the importance of investing for the future, bidding to win, and controlling execution through metrics. I would recommend this course to anyone, at any level within a business, who is interested in leadership and management.”
– Project Manager, Raytheon Technical Services, Homeland Security Solutions

“The capstone to our Program Management curriculum is the BizFighterTM program from PriSim®. Student evaluations as well as my personal experience with this program found it to be not simply aligned, but strategically aligned to the overarching goals and objectives of the PMC. The capstone project received outstanding accolades from all participants and became the topic of our evening PMC graduation ceremony. In every regard, the BizFighterTM capstone project was an astounding success!! Many thanks to you and your organization for the quality and comprehensiveness of this most comprehensive tool and exercise.”
– Manager, Strategic Initiatives, Raytheon Technical Services

“BizFighterTM was an outstanding learning experience. The insights into aspects of managing a company and the effects that decisions have on the business were incredible. Providing immediate feedback of long-term impacts of hiring, investments, and bidding strategies as well as shareholder returns reinforces the lectures and group discussions. Great course and great conduct.”
– Senior Program Manager, Raytheon Technical Services

“The Instructors kept it very fun and interactive without ‘dumbing’ things down. The simulation was the most advanced of the four I’ve done.”
– Participant, Learning and Development Program

“The BizFighterTM course was far and away the most challenging, most ‘real life’, most interesting, most educational, and the most fun learning event I have ever participated in. That being said I have to follow with a big ‘WOW!’ From the course material to the sessions/discussions around the viewgraph data presented, the simulation, your open-forum approach, and facilitation I was fully engaged from the first 15-minutes until the end.”
– Business Manager, System Design and Performance

“A five out of five-star rating. An ideal mix of strategic business theory and practice in a fun, interesting, and dynamic learning environment.”
– Senior Manager, Strategic Plans

“It was great working PriSim® on the development of the ROIC LabTM Business Simulation for Raytheon. Experiencing BizFighter at Session C as a Finance Leadership Development Program (FLDP) participant really gave me the confidence that I needed to lead this project and that’s what made my decision so easy when I had to choose a consultant. PriSim® was easy to work with and responsive at all times. The ROIC LabTM Business Simulation is going to take Raytheon’s learning to the next level.”
– Manager, Financial Planning and Analysis

“The work we did with PriSim® was extremely impressive and will be well-utilized throughout our company. The thing that most impressed me was the experience and knowledge that PriSim® came into the project with, so that there was little time wasted bringing the project to a reality. The consultants have a great way with people, and grasp quickly what is trying to be done, and made this one of the best experiences I’ve had with an outside firm. I would sign up for another project with PriSim® again with no hesitation and highly recommend them to others.”
– Vice President, Financial Planning and Analysis

“I thought BizFighterTM was extremely well done and the most engaging professional-development course that I have taken in my civilian career. BizFighterTM ties it all together…business development, program capture, program management, finance, human resources, and corporate governance. The simulation should be a requirement for every executive joining and leading the company – especially those who want to lead the company in an enlightened and integrated manner. In a matter of a few fun-filled, energizing days, it will change your perspective on how business is done and managed. BizFighterTM is a must for anyone that wants to succeed and excel.”
– Director, Mission Profiling and Innovation

“The (simulation) exercise is the perfect tool for testing your business acumen. I am using the program to create the teachable moments that we need to develop our next generation of leaders. (The Instructor’s) ability to see the opportunities and take full advantage of them is remarkable. He makes the process work beyond what I have experienced in any other process leader. The simulation is not only a business challenge it is an excellent tool for team-building and something you don’t want to quit. It’s as close to the real thing as possible.”
– Participant, Leadership Development Program

United Technologies Corporation

PriSim® delivers a customized “Developing Business Acumen” course for United Technologies Corporation that incorporates the Aerospace & Defense Business Simulation – BizFighter ™. The course focuses on strategic, financial, program management, and EVM tools and approaches that are critical for the company’s developing leaders to understand and utilize in their jobs. Senior finance executives also address the group and participate in detailed discussions of the firm’s financial metrics.

“The Biz Fighter “experience” is a unique and challenging one. The team orientation and competitive nature of the exercise is a must for current or future leaders. I highly endorse this “experience” and have already been recommending it to colleagues.”
– Supply Chain Manager, UT Aerospace Systems

“PriSim’s BizFighter delivers its promise of showing participants how one department’s actions impact a company’s overall performance. The simulation’s fast paced environment consistently presented new challenges requiring me to actively manage and reframe my thought process. During the training I evolved from a micro level fixation on how something would affect supply chain, my real-life role, to operating at the macro level as a chief executive making strategic cross-functional decisions. On a daily basis this has translated into me being more effective and efficient when allocating resources to the business’ needs rather than an activity I am more familiar with.”
– Supply Chain Manager, UT Aerospace Systems

“The BizFighter class provided an overview of the essentials of running your own company. The course is fast-paced, fact-filled, interactive, and entertaining. It was right on target and I would highly recommend it.”
– Program Manager, Otis Elevator Division

Northrop Grumman

PriSim® delivers the Aerospace & Defense Business Simulation – BizFighter ™ for Northrop Grumman Corporation. The course focuses on strategic, financial, program management, and EVM tools and approaches that are critical for the company’s developing executives to understand and utilize in their jobs. Senior executives also address the group and participate in detailed discussions of the firm’s strategy, challenges, and financial metrics.

“The BizFighter class was structured well and provided the team a fun environment to work through our business case scenario.  We were able to utilize our different backgrounds through the numerous simulations and make sound decisions real time.  Our Instructor made the class enjoyable with his humor and ability to walk us through different situations that could happen when broke out into our individual groups.  I would definitely recommend the BizFighter program to my colleagues.”
– Director, Technical Center, July 2019

“June’s BizFighter simulation was a fantastic learning opportunity on many fronts. Also for the record, Team 7 (In It 2 Win It) should have won…”
– Sr. Manager, Material Program Management, June 2019

“It takes a systemic approach to design an impactful learning experience. We had a system within a system this week and it truly was impactful. Your knowledge of the A&D industry, training and development, and customer focus makes you and your organization a valued partner for our team. Many thanks to all of you for your partnership and support of our leaders. It takes a dedicated team and that really shows within each of your organizations and when we all come together.”
– Director of Leadership, Coaching, and Assessments, September 2016

“Thank you for a contribution to ELP that was timely, relevant and impactful. The participants are still reflecting on the insights and the call to action on their part generated by their having a chance to “run an enterprise.” It was excellent. What they don’t realize is what we saw you two do in the preparation for ELP: You put so much effort into making this fit the Northrop Grumman context and the extra customization such as the international hiring, doing the “analyst” meeting, and other additions. You were truly customer-centered yourselves. I work with a lot of specialists and thought leaders. I can say working with you was special, and I look forward to doing it again.”
– Executive Development Consultant and Coach, October 2015

“The feedback on the simulation and both of you has been outstanding! We are really looking forward to doing again. Thank you so much for your engagement with us and the ELP group.”
– Vice President of Talent Management & Development, October 2015

“The combination of your product design and personal approach really propelled their learning and brought the group together. BizFighter was the subject of many additional conversations throughout the week, and we look forward to partnering again next year.”
– Manager, Leadership Bench Development, October 2015

Lockheed Martin

PriSim® runs leadership and development courses for Lockheed Martin using our Aerospace & Defense Business Simulation – BizFighter ™. Focusing on strategic, financial, program management, and EVM concepts and dynamics, the courses build critical business skills that leaders and managers can use throughout their careers at Lockheed – and for a lifetime.

“I am a program manager on a large, multi-customer program, and I really appreciated the PriSim PMO simulation’s comprehensiveness on both the scale of criteria and how individual decisions impacted performance across the simulation. The class content and structure provided a great balance between business concepts and simulation activity that reflected real world performance.”
– Program Manager, Top 5 A&D Company, December 2021


PriSim® runs business training courses for both the Financial Services and the Aerospace and Defense practices at Deloitte. The courses utilize PriSim’s Insurance Business Simulation – Insurance Challenge!TM property and casualty insurance simulation and BizFighterTM aerospace and defense simulation. Managers and Senior Managers work in teams running separate businesses competing for market share and profitability. Participants “walk a mile” in their clients’ shoes, experiencing what it’s like to run a business in an intensely competitive environment. Guest speakers and “white-space” exercises are conducted to drive home learnings that can be applied in the real-world with Deloitte’s clients.

“The PriSim insurance simulation was a great opportunity to step into the shoes of a management team to get a glimpse of the complexities of the various business decisions at an insurance company. Together with the added time constraints, it really cements the concept of strategic business thinking and collaborative decision making. The Instructor was a fantastic facilitator and provided invaluable guidance throughout the process. I’ve definitely taken away many things to think about.”
– Senior Manager – Consulting Practice, Deloitte EMEA, May 2021

“This course is by far, by leaps and bounds, the most valuable and flexible of all the simulations we run at Deloitte.”
– Project Manager – Learning and Development, August 2016

“This was my first simulation training and I think it was an altogether different experience. The training helped me get my hands on some of the concepts that were only theoretical for us till now. This has helped us delve deeper into our clients problems and really understand where they stem from!”
– Manager, Deloitte India Insurance Consulting, March 2016