Harley-Davidson Europe

PriSim® assisted Harley-Davidson Europe to roll out a new Dealership Planning tool across Europe. RedlineTM, the Dealership Planning and Operations Simulation, was used to teach dealer principals and managers the concepts and techniques of effective business planning. The business simulation and materials were translated into five languages (French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish and German) and classes were taught across Europe. At the conclusion of the RedlineTM course, participants were given copies of H-D’s planning tool and timelines were agreed upon for dealership plan completion.

“Working with PriSim is a real eye-opener. Explaining complicated circumstances in an easy and comprehensible way is one of the PriSim trainer’s biggest strengths. Needless to say, the PriSim simulation that our managers went through was a real good test of individual business acumen and the capability of working together as a team. I can only recommend working together with PriSim if you want to make sure that everybody is on-board and skilled at doing what the everyday operations of the business require.”
– Regional Training Lead SGM, EMEA, July 2015

“PriSim is a rare category of company that delivers exactly as briefed with just the right amount of flexibility and “Glocalisation”, with everything done with a delicate sense of purpose and clarity.”
– Regional Training Lead, Europe, May 2015

“The dealer operations simulation allowed me valuable insight into how my team will approach dealer challenges in a safe and risk free environment.  This will help us support our partners better in future and also provide individuals with identification of their self-development opportunities.”
– Country Manager, Africa, May 2015

“Jeff has the ability to explain the basics of the business entertaining and easy in five minutes, where I have seen others lecturing hours with the same or lesser effect.”
– Country Manager, Europe, May 2015

“I would like to congratulate you on the best European DOT result so far. Thanks to the trainers and DDM´s who have done an outstanding job bringing the RedlineTM Business Simulation to European dealers. I am especially pleased as this is not a one-off training event, but was followed up by the Business Planning tool developed by European Dealer Development. With the practice and thoughts out of the simulation, dealers should have identified gaps in their business, and are following up utilising the planning tool to present their five year plan to HDE subsidiaries. This will lead step by step into the European composite system to be launched by the DDM team.”
– Training Manager, Europe

“Being responsible for the network of dealers in the Benelux, our primary objective in running the PriSim® RedlineTM business simulation game was to assist participants in creating focus for the financial development of their individual companies. Add insights into numbers with the already present gut feeling of the owner and you create an optimal awareness of dealership performance. Establishing the desired Mission, Objectives, Strategy, and Tactics helped participants focus before jumping into at deep end. Add to this the analysis of SWOT and you find the areas of priority to accompany the tasks at hand. RedlineTM provided a clear, structured way of presenting the challenging subject of dealership performance, and you know what – it was fun to do as well! We look forward to the positive financial development of our dealer network and serious growth in volume as well.”
– Manager, Dealer Development, Benelux

“The RedlineTM business simulation game made a real difference in delivering our annual strategic dealer operations training to our dealer network in Europe. The French, Dutch, German, Swiss, Austrian, Spanish, United Kingdom, and International Direct subsidiaries made good use of the interactive and fun format provided by PriSim®. We are getting very positive feedback from all dealer principals who have attended. An outstanding opportunity to share best practice and departmental expert-knowledge in a fun and engaging way. Following up the momentum and positive energy of these sessions we have decided to make RedlineTM the kick-off session for rolling out our business planning approach in all European markets. Our dealers are mostly very positive and cannot wait to implement their insights and learnings from the simulation into their business reality.”
– Training Manager, Europe

“The major benefit of this exercise is the quick feedback you get on the strategy you’ve choosen at the beginning. Also very good is the mixture of practical and theoretical experience and the feedback rounds. …and always a surprise is that the dealers forgot their reservations about their strategy towards their dealer collegues because of the ‘game character’ of this exercise. This never has happened during a ‘normal’ training.”
– Manager, Dealer Development, Germany

“This Dealer Operations Training (event) has had the highest score for a training in Spain ever!”
– Manager, Dealer Development, Spain

“RedlineTM helped us ascertain the level of resistance to change in our Dealer network.”
– Dealer, H-D Europe

“The interaction and well thought-out time management during the course helped people get really involved in the rounds and not lose any focus.”
– Dealer, H-D Europe

“People kept talking about their strategies in the breaks and spare time.”
– Dealer, H-D Europe

“The learning curve in the exercise allowed people to see and learn about a global view of the business.”
– Dealer, H-D Europe

“The International Direct Markets (group) conducted its first RedlineTM training for its key dealers and distributors from all around Europe, the Middle-East, and Africa. The trainer was a brilliant communicator, a knowledgeable and credible expert, and he made everybody enjoy three days of intensive training. From the sidelines I saw the working groups develop as a team, I saw differences turn into mutual understanding, and I saw the competencies of our dealer network grow. I firmly believe that the delegates are all far better positioned to plan the future of their businesses now that they understand them better.”
– Director, IDM Markets