Signature Flight Support

PriSim® delivered a “CEO for the DayTM” course using an existing simulation. At Signature’s Branch Manager’s Conference, participants were challenged with demonstrating their understanding of business operations. In addition, they were provided an opportunity to enhance their project-valuation skills as they analyzed and pursued various capital improvement initiatives.

“As our annual General Managers’ Conference has come and gone, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your facilitation and training on the business simulation. We all agree this event was a great success. Weeks later, we continue to hear positive comments regarding the simulation experience. Our management team not only increased their knowledge about running a business, but their self-confidence has increased as a result of being able to make application of the learned skills in a safe, real-world simulation. Not to mention the team approach and competitive environment motivated everyone to become engaged and involved in the learning process to truly benefit from this experience. The course evaluations indicate that the biggest ‘take away’ for the team was the opportunity to see how one decision not only impacts the bottom line, but also how decisions affect other departments and functions of the business. We are excited to see how this training experience impacts our managers’ ability to run their business units in the coming months. Thanks again for joining us and providing this valuable training program to our management team. We look forward to the opportunity to work with PriSim® again in the near future.”
– Director, Training and Development

“The session was a huge success for us. We had expected that the simulation would provide some real world skills to our managers. What we didn’t expect was how much fun it would be. Everyone had a blast while learning critical decision-making skills. You did an excellent job of relating the trials of running a (retail) dealership to the problems encountered in our FBO’s. The team building was the added element that made it so successful. I would highly recommend this session for any type of business. Maybe the best recommendation that I could give is the simple fact that we would, and we will, use you again. Thanks so much.”
– Senior Vice President, Marketing