Analog Devices

PriSim® conducts a Mini-MBATM business laboratory for Analog Devices, Inc. The course is targeted for emerging leaders across ADI’s global business units. Specific financial metrics central to the high-tech industry are defined and practiced including: Return on Assets, Gross Margin, Operating Margin, Earnings Per Share, and Return on R&D.

“The mini-MBA course was really a great and helpful experience for me. It got me to think outside of my comfort zone being a technical person myself, who was not really exposed as to how a whole business works. It was also a great opportunity for me to meet, plan, strategize and have healthy arguments with my colleagues from our company coming from different sites and backgrounds, and was personally a rewarding experience for my team as we got the much-coveted prize at the end!”
– Engineering Manager, Philippines

“We had a team of various professionals coming from different disciplines within our organization to run the [simulated] company. The learning comes from the PriSim Course materials given by a very enthusiastic trainer, from team members, and from competing teams. It was a great learning experience to expand your business-horizon and to get more information in other aspects of the business. Last but not least, the course is given in an enjoyable environment, where theory and team activities alternate.”
– Business and Development Manager, Europe

“The Prisim Mini-MBA class has better prepared me for the strategic aspects of leadership. Through a combination of excellent seminar-style training and hands-on business simulation, I gained self awareness of my own management style and was given the tools to adapt it. Most useful was learning the ability to clarify issues and cut through a sea of data to find what is most pertinent.”
– Engineering Manager