Mortgage Bankers Association of America

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Mortgage Bankers Association of America

PriSim® customized two mortgage-industry simulations, CycloanTM and Deep PocketsTM, for the Mortgage Bankers Association and has delivered them as part of the MBAA’s core curriculum.

Deep PocketsTM is a required course for participants to qualify for the Certified Mortgage Banker certification. Attendees run a simulated mortgage banking company, produce a detailed 5-year business plan, and present their plan and results to a “Board of Directors”.

CycloanTM models a working, growing loan center with teams competing for profit and market share. Participants focus on how branch-level decisions impact profitability at both the local and corporate levels.

“The strategic planning simulation module used at Course III of the School of Mortgage Banking has proven to be a tremendous learning tool for our students. It guides them through an analysis of the financial structure of a mortgage banking company, and focuses on the relationship between operating policies and profitability. At the completion of this project, all students feel that they have benefited immeasurably from the experience, and have a clearer understanding of what goes into the strategic planning process of their company.”
– Manager, School of Mortgage Banking

“An integral part of The School of Mortgage Banking Course III is the Deep PocketsTM simulation. Students have an opportunity to make leadership decisions in the mortgage industry. [The] Deep Pockets simulation poses real-life industry questions and situations that force the students to push themselves to achieve positive results. The facilitation provided by PriSim® enhances the program and keeps students on task and in the right direction.”
– Director, School of Mortgage Banking