Other Companies

PriSim® delivers business acumen training for a variety of other companies, both large and small. All of PriSim’s courses are based around computerized business simulations, and focus on strategic, financial, operating, leadership and development, and overall business acumen concepts that are critical for developing leaders to understand and utilize in their jobs.

“The PriSim program is excellent in that it provides a safe, yet realistic way, for participants to test their hypothesis of running a business in a simulated environment. The course provides good insight into the complexities of running a business and the many competing factors leaders must consider to achieve success. I highly recommend this program for both experienced and novice leaders.”
– Market President, IMA Insurance Agency, Brokerage Challenge Course, February 2018

“The Brokerage Challenge conducted by PriSim was an incredibly valuable experience for the M3 Insurance team. Our diverse group of 32 M3ers, including management, account executives, and select current owners, enjoyed the competitive and intellectual exercise that they experienced. Our feedback was extremely positive as our group better understands both strategic and tactical decision making, the long-term implications of decisions made, and agency operations. Our team found this time together impactful and valuable – we will be repeating the program in the future!”
– Executive VP of Corporate Services, M3 Insurance Agency, Brokerage Challenge Course, February 2018

“PriSim’s Agency Brokerage Challenge gave our employees (myself included) the opportunity to step back from our day-to-day operations and take part in decisions that impact an entire organization. The realistic, competitive, engaging, and incredibly informative simulation is one of the most useful training tools I’ve encountered. The Instructor also does a great job integrating leadership and business acumen discussions between rounds of the simulation. I recommend this for anyone looking to get their employees out of the weeds and provide them with more organizational exposure.”
– Organizational Development Manager, Large Insurance Agency, Agency Challenge Course, May 2016