Farmers Insurance

PriSim® modified 2 versions of our property and casualty insurance simulation course for Farmers and has delivered it to Agency, Claims, and Operations staff to build business acumen. In the first version, participants lead and manage a simulated insurance conglomerate made up of an insurance carrier and an agency network; in the second, participants run a simulated agency.

“I loved the class. The content was fascinating. It revealed aspects of the enterprise I had not been able to see “live” and it provided insight into their codependence and overall impact on the organization. David was thought provoking and engaging. He was able to explain financial terminology in a way that went beyond definition as he brought the terms to life in a concrete and applied-to-real-life manner. The class definitely gave me a better understanding of my place within the organization. It empowered me to understand how I can affect the overall performance and it emphasized the importance of cross department collaboration.”
– Senior Manager, Farmers Insurance, November 2020

“The PriSim Brokerage Challenge was a great experience putting you in the shoes of a real life agency. It helped illustrate the need to understand the agency at a higher level, because one change can affect five others.  We can now bring more value being cognizant of those effects, especially when we become too focused on us and not on our business.”
– Zone Manager, Foremost Insurance Group, November 2017

“The Insurance Challenge simulation put our employees in the drivers seat as they ran their own agency. This simulation is a great way for corporate employees to make the connection to the work agents do on the ground. I highly recommend the PriSim group!”
– Senior Learning & Development Specialist, Foremost Insurance Group, August 2015

“I learned a lot! Last week I was in a meeting with [a senior leader] and he was sharing an update on our strategy and I was able to see the impact of high level strategy more clearly.”
– Service Center Manager, Auto and Liability, April 2015

“In the complex and ever-changing insurance industry, the PriSim Insurance Challenge manages to bring all of these moving parts into a single view. The ability to see the global impact of my team’s decisions in an accelerated simulation is an invaluable lesson that is sure to resonate throughout my career.”
– Zone Manager, Special Investigations Unit, April 2015

“Thank you for your presentation last week at Farmers. I very much appreciated your energy, knowledge and presentation style. You made what some could believe to be very uncomfortable information very comfortable. Thank you very much, enjoyed both your presentation of the material along with the course itself.”
– Auto Physical Damage Manager

“This is an amazing program. I enjoyed the learning opportunities, the competitive moments, and the interaction. I was very impressed with your program and the training. I have experience in underwriting, sales, marketing, subrogation, and claims so I had a good background coming into the class. However, I learned so much more and the impact my daily decisions have on the other functions in our business.”
– Territory Manager, Large Losses

“The Insurance Challenge Simulation we presented with PriSim was well received by our participants, coaches, and the executive team. The interactive nature of the program helped to drive collaboration, knowledge sharing, and strategic thinking. Our employees were able to expand their perspective on the business (increased financial knowledge and overall business knowledge) and see the interdependencies tied to the decisions they make. The exercise provided them with new tools to use on the job and a new network of contacts to help in their development.”
– Manager, Professional Development

“Thank you for a fantastic week! You were phenomenal in your teaching of the class and in your presentation of the materials. It was, hands down, one of the greatest learning tools I have participated in.”
– Claims Manager