Selective Insurance

PriSim delivers our Agency Brokerage Challenge™ simulation in partnership with Selective Insurance as part of their Emerging Leaders curriculum and their Selective’s College Competition event.  In both courses, participants lead and manage a simulated insurance agency making decisions in carrier management, customer management, lead sourcing, financial management, profitability analysis, production analysis, and other operational functions.

The Emerging Leaders class is offered to up-and-coming leaders who work at Selective’s premier agency partners, and the Selective’s College Competition is run for students at top colleges with risk-management and insurance programs. The class helps students interested in insurance careers better understand the terminology and dynamics of the industry- read more about the event here.

“Not only was this competition fun and enjoyable to be a part of, but it was also extremely well put together. Throughout the competition, I could tell that much thought went into the simulation and was amazed at how deep the decisions truly went. I can positively say that I have a much better understanding of how independent agencies operate in real life after participating in the simulation.”
– Participant, Selective’s College Competition, February 2022

“PriSim’s business simulation is a great program and trial for running your own agency. It gets your out of your comfort zone and makes you think like an owner. Do you spend money on x instead of y and what impact does it make? You learn about strategy, staffing/sales, and financial statements to name a few. The simulation made me a better leader by focusing on the bigger picture and not the daily tasks. I would highly recommend PriSim Business War Games.”
– Risk Management Consultant, Regional Brokerage, December 2021

“Actively participating in the agency challenge PriSim model is  a game changer opportunity. Simply stated, students who engage in this process will have a real world opportunity to learn how to operate an independent insurance agency. You will apply lessons learned during these 4 weeks during your entire career.”
– President, The Horton Group Insurance Agency, February 2021