PriSim® runs business training courses for both the Financial Services and the Aerospace and Defense practices at Deloitte. The courses utilize PriSim’s Insurance Business Simulation – Insurance Challenge!TM property and casualty insurance simulation and BizFighterTM aerospace and defense simulation. Managers and Senior Managers work in teams running separate businesses competing for market share and profitability. Participants “walk a mile” in their clients’ shoes, experiencing what it’s like to run a business in an intensely competitive environment. Guest speakers and “white-space” exercises are conducted to drive home learnings that can be applied in the real-world with Deloitte’s clients.

“This course is by far, by leaps and bounds, the most valuable and flexible of all the simulations we run at Deloitte.”
– Project Manager – Learning and Development, August 2016

“This was my first simulation training and I think it was an altogether different experience. The training helped me get my hands on some of the concepts that were only theoretical for us till now. This has helped us delve deeper into our clients problems and really understand where they stem from!”
– Manager, Deloitte India Insurance Consulting, March 2016