Comp West and Accident Fund Insurance

PriSim® delivers a business training course for Accident Fund Insurance. The course utilizes Insurance Business Simulation – Insurance Challenge!TM property and casualty insurance simulation. Participants run a simulated insurance carrier and independent agency network in teams, competing for market share and profit. As part of the exercise, each team formulates their company’s mission and executes their strategy through several rounds of competition.

“I wanted to get back to you regarding my presentation to the Loss Control staff. The presentation went very well, I presented the Moment of Truth Hampton Inn slide and then had a group activity. The class broke out into groups and I had each group identify our MOT for Loss Control. The Moments of Truth start with the first phone call we make to set up a prospect meeting. Under each of the MOT, they had to identify what they would do to enhance the perception to our Customers. The theme of much of the training was Image is Perception, not reality. For example, we work as a team, what can we do or say to give the impression that we work as a team. We are experts in our core industries, what can we do or say to give the impression that we are experts. I’m excited to say that the presentation went so well, I will be giving it to all customer-facing employees (Claims, Underwriting, etc.). It really hit home and had a very positive effect on me, and now hopefully the company.”

– Regional Loss Control Manager, February 2015

“The PriSim exercise helps participants understand the full business cycle of an insurance company, from the agency to the carrier to the shareholder. It is a one of a kind experience and you will walk away with a greater comprehension of how your business works!”

– Manager of Financial Performance & Analysis

“The Prisim Insurance Challenge was fantastic for all participants here at Accident Fund. In a controlled environment, all of the teams were able to determine the mission, objectives, strategies, and tactics that led to a successful insurance company and agency force. In this collaborative process, key members from different departments were thrown in a room together, each bringing individual experiences and strengths to the table, and in the end came out with new perspectives and skills. In addition, this experience has strengthened the relationships between the individuals involved, which will have a lasting and powerful impact on our company going forward.”

– Supervising Actuary