Delphi Automotive

PriSim® developed a custom course for Delphi’s Leadership Development curriculum and has delivered it in the U.S., Asia, and Europe. Using an existing automotive manufacturing simulation, PriSim® created a Leadership LaboratoryTM that addresses Delphi’s specific learning objectives; business acumen, strategic thinking, financial awareness, decision-making under uncertainty, and effective leadership. Participants also complete leadership profiles based upon Kouzes and Posner’s research and examine their Emotional Intelligence using Daniel Goleman’s EQ framework.

“The Leadership Laboratory taught by Prism was a powerful and enjoyable experience which has left me with a greater understanding of core business disciplines. Working in small groups as a team, sharing knowledge, and examining the results was an excellent way for me to see first-hand how the skills can be valuable in my profession and help me think more strategically about the business. The Instructors are highly knowledgeable and made the course fun and relevant. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to increase their business acumen in their jobs.”
– Safety Technical Manager, Electronic Controls, July 2017

“[The Instructor] made this one of the best training experiences I have ever had. The case competition using a simulation is very creative and productive. Even though it is only a 3-day training class, everyone in the class now better understands where and how to improve in order to become a better business leader. [The Instructor’s]  business knowledge and coaching skills are also very impressive. He magically turned non-finance people into finance people in only 3 days. I would definitely recommend that my colleagues sign up for this training class.”
– Finance Director, Asia, May 2015

“I truly enjoyed the intensive nature of the simulation of running a business. It brought home the very salient aspects in making sound business decisions based on a holistic approach. Through the hands-on challenge, we are ‘forced’ to take a broader and deeper look at the whole internal value stream of the company before making important decisions. These decisions also have to incorporate longer-term plans to overcome external threats while leveraging internal strengths and market conditions. On a personal note, this training is a life lesson that one can tap into to make difficult or important decisions based on similar approaches and principles.”
– Senior Technical Manager, Singapore

“It was one of the most interesting and valuable trainings that I have been through so far. Despite having gone through business school, I found it valuable. Simulated business training helps to sensitize the participants on different aspects of the business elements (value-chain). During various phases of the simulation, participants could analyze and understand “cause-and-effect” of their decisions made. This helps to enhance learning as participants can evaluate “what went wrong” in the previous rounds of simulation.”
– Engineering Director, Asia Region

“The business simulation was exceptional, and seeing how all of the inputs change the performance of your company was educational and fun. I learned the importance of defining a well thought-out vision. Through my team’s results, I saw how a good vision leads to efficient and effective execution and guides all decisions towards the desired goals. I thought this course was truly outstanding and I would recommend it to all my colleagues.”
– Manager, Asia Region

“The Leadership LaboratoryTM that I recently attended has proven to be inspirational. The simulation software gives this program an edge as we can see the real-time impact of the long-term future impact of our decisions. It also combines market dynamism and external environments to a great extent. Probably the most immediately beneficial training that I’ve ever had. The lab supplements theorotical leadership concepts with its practical application, and can be instantly applied to benefit both leaders and the company as a whole.”
– CFO, Thailand Operations

“The Leadership LaboratoryTM provided an excellent opportunity to reflect on behaviour, thinking, and the decision-making process in our daily business. The first part of this training elaborated the key elements that distinguish leadership from management mentality and behaviour. The finance training refreshed the essential topics to derive decisions from ‘numbers’ and laid out the pitfalls in financial reporting. The highlight of the course was the business simulation: it combined education, competition, and fun and clearly demonstrated that the success of running a business requires a clear mission and strategy from the early stages of planning – and that contributors from all competencies need to be treated with care and passion! I would also like to emphasize the demanding, encouraging, and entrepreneurial spirit of the Instructor over the three training days; it has been very useful to rethink and reflect on my own attitude in a tough environment characterized by many organizational realignments.”
– Platform and Site Manager, Germany

“The Leadership LaboratoryTM is a unique course in the Delphi curriculum. The simulation makes it real for the participants. PriSim’s® ‘QuikstartTM‘ video introduction reinforces that uniqueness by bringing the pre-work to life. It does a great job explaining the course and introducing the instructor.”
– Manager, Organization and Employee Development

“The (instructor) played a significant role in creating a high impact, incredibly effective development event that transcends the notion of ordinary corporate training. Upon my return to the office on Friday I coincidentally and serendipitously found myself in a ‘strategy session’ to develop the product roll-out plan for my little corner of Delphi. That’s right…in less that 24 hours I was sharing concepts of SWOT and MOST with my team and, quite frankly, impressing them! It is uncanny how similar my real work Delphi situation is with that of the (simulated company). I shared my experience with them and at the very least gave them the confidence that we can still win in the market place.”
– Manager, Brake Control Systems Engineering, E&C Division

“Delphi is striving for a ‘Culture of Excellence’ where excellence is defined as exceeding your customers’ expectation. Control in that culture comes from customer feedback and judging from other course comments, our Leadership LaboratoryTM truly hit the mark. It is the first training program I have been involved with where participants said ‘It should be longer’.”
– Manager, Organization and Employee Development

“Thank you very much for a well run and meaningful event. I, like everyone else in the Leadership LaboratoryTM, thoroughly enjoyed it and found it to be extremely helpful in my personal leadership development. It was gratifying to be able to create a mission, establish objectives, strategies, and tactics with my team for our ‘business’ and to implement them successfully. I highly recommend the course to anyone who has the opportunity. Two thumbs up!”
– Participant, Leadership Laboratory

“I truly enjoyed myself and I learned a great deal about myself (strengths and weaknesses) and about the power of a real TEAM. I really appreciate your willingness to listen, to support one another, and to take risks.”
– Participant, Leadership Laboratory