Rodale Press

PriSim® developed a custom magazine publishing simulation for Rodale. The course is used to educate decision-makers from the Editorial, Circulation, Marketing, and other departments. Three different magazine scenarios were created so participants can experience how distinct strategies are required for different readership profiles and advertising dynamics.

“I recently participated in the MAGnateTM workshop in Emmaus, and have to tell you that it was by far the most useful, learning-intense workshop I’ve ever attended. Great information and great ‘real life’ simulation. This is essential for anyone wishing to understand the complete publishing business model. Congratulations on developing and bringing this to Rodale!”
– Director, Marketing

“This is the most valuable course I have taken at Rodale. It kept my attention the entire time. The course was informative and was presented in a pleasant format. I would like my entire team to do this.”
– Participant, Scuba Magazine

“Excellent course that mirrors the real-world of publishing. Provides a good team-learning environment across different disciplines in publishing.”
– Business Manager, Men’s Health Magazine