Northrop Grumman

PriSim® delivers the Aerospace & Defense Business Simulation – BizFighter ™ for Northrop Grumman Corporation. The course focuses on strategic, financial, program management, and EVM tools and approaches that are critical for the company’s developing executives to understand and utilize in their jobs. Senior executives also address the group and participate in detailed discussions of the firm’s strategy, challenges, and financial metrics.

“The BizFighter class was structured well and provided the team a fun environment to work through our business case scenario.  We were able to utilize our different backgrounds through the numerous simulations and make sound decisions real time.  Our Instructor made the class enjoyable with his humor and ability to walk us through different situations that could happen when broke out into our individual groups.  I would definitely recommend the BizFighter program to my colleagues.”
– Director, Technical Center, July 2019

“June’s BizFighter simulation was a fantastic learning opportunity on many fronts. Also for the record, Team 7 (In It 2 Win It) should have won…”
– Sr. Manager, Material Program Management, June 2019

“It takes a systemic approach to design an impactful learning experience. We had a system within a system this week and it truly was impactful. Your knowledge of the A&D industry, training and development, and customer focus makes you and your organization a valued partner for our team. Many thanks to all of you for your partnership and support of our leaders. It takes a dedicated team and that really shows within each of your organizations and when we all come together.”
– Director of Leadership, Coaching, and Assessments, September 2016

“Thank you for a contribution to ELP that was timely, relevant and impactful. The participants are still reflecting on the insights and the call to action on their part generated by their having a chance to “run an enterprise.” It was excellent. What they don’t realize is what we saw you two do in the preparation for ELP: You put so much effort into making this fit the Northrop Grumman context and the extra customization such as the international hiring, doing the “analyst” meeting, and other additions. You were truly customer-centered yourselves. I work with a lot of specialists and thought leaders. I can say working with you was special, and I look forward to doing it again.”
– Executive Development Consultant and Coach, October 2015

“The feedback on the simulation and both of you has been outstanding! We are really looking forward to doing again. Thank you so much for your engagement with us and the ELP group.”
– Vice President of Talent Management & Development, October 2015

“The combination of your product design and personal approach really propelled their learning and brought the group together. BizFighter was the subject of many additional conversations throughout the week, and we look forward to partnering again next year.”
– Manager, Leadership Bench Development, October 2015