Travelers Insurance

PriSim® created a customized property and casualty insurance business simulation for Travelers. Participants lead and manage a simulated insurance carrier, and focus on the impact of differentiating service levels (e.g., claims) for target customer segments. PriSim® teaches the course in the Leadership Development Program as well as to specific specialty divisions including the Construction Insurance Group.

“We used the PriSim® Insurance Challenge!TM simulation as the basis to get our folks motivated to take a more strategic approach to our business and to their local marketplace… and it works!!! Our folks came away feeling more empowered and with a better appreciation of strategic actions they can put in place to really make a difference. As for the insurance simulation, PriSim® has been able to build a simulation which is easy to operate, yet confronts participants with challenges faced by today’s managers — unending market complexity, massive amounts of business information, and urgent decision time-frames.”
– Director, Marketing and Sales