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Chubb Insurance

PriSim® developed both a custom property and casualty insurance course and a Strategic Finance course for Chubb and has taught the courses in the US and in Europe. PriSim delivers Chubb’s courses in live and in virtual delivery modes!

  • In the P&C course, Insurance Challenge, participants lead and manage a simulated insurance conglomerate made up of an insurance carrier and an agency network. PriSim has developed two versions of the exercise: a two-day version that builds general acumen; and a three-day version that focuses on leadership development and agency/carrier strategic planning.
  • In the Strategic Finance course, participants from Chubb’s insurance agency partners run competing manufacturing companies as they build their financial acumen to better understand the financial and strategic challenges that their insurance clients face on a daily basis. The objective of the course is to “walk a mile in your clients’ business shoes!”

“The class was really helpful and [the Instructors] were great teachers. They have a great combination of patience, knowledge, and fun in their presentation style – a unique combination.”
Virtual Class Delivery – Commercial Producer, Insurance Brokerage, October 2020

“Not coming from a financial background, this course provided great insight by fast forwarding financial decisions. It was clear to see how they tie together and impact key ratios and financial statements.”
Virtual Class Delivery – Managing Partner, Regional Insurance Agency, July 2020

“Thank you again for a great experience last week in the strategic finance course.  I thoroughly enjoyed the material and I was truly impressed at your ability to pivot when the class was moved to an online course.  The experience for the participants did not suffer at all and each of you handled the change seamlessly.  Very well done, as I understand that is not easy to pull-off under short notice.”
Virtual Class Delivery – Assistant Vice President, Large Insurance Agency, May 2020

“The business war game combines a fun competition with hands-on education that allows for both group and individual learning. PriSim has a way of taking a very complicated financial education curriculum and breaking it down so that it is easily understood by the non financial expert. In addition, PriSim strives to understand our business and its specific nuances which allows them to use real life examples that resonate throughout the entire course.”
– Field Sales Manager, November 2015

“The Insurance Challenge Business Simulation is the most interesting and effective business-enhancement tool I have ever used. I have never seen brokers and employees, together as a team, so engaged in an activity that really increased their knowledge and allowed them to better understand their business. All in a friendly and dynamic environment and process. I am sure we are going to use this tool many times.”
– Manager, Brazil

“The PriSim experience provided participants with a unique perspective that they otherwise would not have been able to experience. The program provided them with a broader view of our industry and gave them insight into multiple factors that impact bottom line results. Ultimately, the attendees gained a more well-rounded knowledge of our business and are better managers as a result.”
– Senior Vice President

“The Instructor is one of the most effective coaches who is able to tease participants into breaking down complex financials in a simple yet manageable way. Our employees came away from a day of training engaged and able to apply these tangible tools in their business. Sales Management moved our team from understanding concepts to understanding and applying tools to their business plans……immediately! I have no doubt that our new areas where we are driving change will see change because WE have changed.”
– Branch Manager

“We have never done anything like this before in our region (Europe, the Middle East, Africa), out of concern that everyone might not be able to relate to it, or that the information and data provided would not cross borders. You proved to us that business is business and that people are people, no matter the continent we live on or the first language that we speak and that (business simulation) courses can, do, and will continue to provide great value to our EMEA Partners.”
– Director, Global Insurance Broker Partnering with Chubb

“Working with PriSim® enabled us to build seamless alliances both within and outside the (organization.) Their approach to building the Insurance ChallengeTM tapped into subject matter experts and resources within (our company) at some of the highest levels of management. The design team’s intelligence, keen listening skills, and outstanding consulting expertise brought them great credibility in the organization. The end product is a resounding success as a learning tool, eliciting rave reviews from participants. We have found PriSim® to be flexible and willing to continue enhancing the product each time it’s offered. If you’re looking for an organization to partner with, I can heartily recommend PriSim® Business War Games! They’ll provide a superb product — and they’ll make it easy for you!”
Assistant Vice-President, Training

“Everything about the PriSim® experience has been first rate. Designing and developing a custom simulation can be a nightmare, but they made the process painless. Their research was concise and well targeted. The design team was well organized and extremely efficient. PriSim’s® facilitation of the simulation is flawless. The insights and perspectives the instructors bring to the program enhance the participants’ learning experience. The instructors’ professionalism, expertise, talent, and sense of humor are reflected in the product they deliver. It is a pleasure working with PriSim®.”
Vice President, Agency Education

“I feel that the simulation exercise provides the delegates with the opportunity to makes decisions and take risks in a controlled environment, which then gives them great learning that they can apply to their own business. It encourages participation and involvement and creates a real sense of competitiveness.”
Manager, Europe Learning and Development

“PriSim® creates innovative, customized training programs that push participants to their limit and makes them want to come back for more. (The instructors) are knowledgeable, professional, energizing, and engaging. I always know the group is in great hands when PriSim® is running a course. At the end of a session, participants walk away with knowledge, skills, and a set of tools that they can use as soon as they return to their office.”
Vice President, Agency Education

“The seminar was great for our regional management team. It taught them the fundamentals of running an agency and made it easier for them to understand the financial information I present each month and why we need to take certain action to improve our financial results. Especially in these tough economic times, you provided very insightful information that we can use to manage our agency.”
President, Chubb Independent Agency

Farmers Insurance

PriSim® modified 2 versions of our property and casualty insurance simulation course for Farmers and has delivered it to Agency, Claims, and Operations staff to build business acumen. In the first version, participants lead and manage a simulated insurance conglomerate made up of an insurance carrier and an agency network; in the second, participants run a simulated agency.

“I loved the class. The content was fascinating. It revealed aspects of the enterprise I had not been able to see “live” and it provided insight into their codependence and overall impact on the organization. David was thought provoking and engaging. He was able to explain financial terminology in a way that went beyond definition as he brought the terms to life in a concrete and applied-to-real-life manner. The class definitely gave me a better understanding of my place within the organization. It empowered me to understand how I can affect the overall performance and it emphasized the importance of cross department collaboration.”
– Senior Manager, Farmers Insurance, November 2020

“The PriSim Brokerage Challenge was a great experience putting you in the shoes of a real life agency. It helped illustrate the need to understand the agency at a higher level, because one change can affect five others.  We can now bring more value being cognizant of those effects, especially when we become too focused on us and not on our business.”
– Zone Manager, Foremost Insurance Group, November 2017

“The Insurance Challenge simulation put our employees in the drivers seat as they ran their own agency. This simulation is a great way for corporate employees to make the connection to the work agents do on the ground. I highly recommend the PriSim group!”
– Senior Learning & Development Specialist, Foremost Insurance Group, August 2015

“I learned a lot! Last week I was in a meeting with [a senior leader] and he was sharing an update on our strategy and I was able to see the impact of high level strategy more clearly.”
– Service Center Manager, Auto and Liability, April 2015

“In the complex and ever-changing insurance industry, the PriSim Insurance Challenge manages to bring all of these moving parts into a single view. The ability to see the global impact of my team’s decisions in an accelerated simulation is an invaluable lesson that is sure to resonate throughout my career.”
– Zone Manager, Special Investigations Unit, April 2015

“Thank you for your presentation last week at Farmers. I very much appreciated your energy, knowledge and presentation style. You made what some could believe to be very uncomfortable information very comfortable. Thank you very much, enjoyed both your presentation of the material along with the course itself.”
– Auto Physical Damage Manager

“This is an amazing program. I enjoyed the learning opportunities, the competitive moments, and the interaction. I was very impressed with your program and the training. I have experience in underwriting, sales, marketing, subrogation, and claims so I had a good background coming into the class. However, I learned so much more and the impact my daily decisions have on the other functions in our business.”
– Territory Manager, Large Losses

“The Insurance Challenge Simulation we presented with PriSim was well received by our participants, coaches, and the executive team. The interactive nature of the program helped to drive collaboration, knowledge sharing, and strategic thinking. Our employees were able to expand their perspective on the business (increased financial knowledge and overall business knowledge) and see the interdependencies tied to the decisions they make. The exercise provided them with new tools to use on the job and a new network of contacts to help in their development.”
– Manager, Professional Development

“Thank you for a fantastic week! You were phenomenal in your teaching of the class and in your presentation of the materials. It was, hands down, one of the greatest learning tools I have participated in.”
– Claims Manager

Travelers Insurance

PriSim® created a customized property and casualty insurance business simulation for Travelers. Participants lead and manage a simulated insurance carrier, and focus on the impact of differentiating service levels (e.g., claims) for target customer segments. PriSim® teaches the course in the Leadership Development Program as well as to specific specialty divisions including the Construction Insurance Group.

“We used the PriSim® Insurance Challenge!TM simulation as the basis to get our folks motivated to take a more strategic approach to our business and to their local marketplace… and it works!!! Our folks came away feeling more empowered and with a better appreciation of strategic actions they can put in place to really make a difference. As for the insurance simulation, PriSim® has been able to build a simulation which is easy to operate, yet confronts participants with challenges faced by today’s managers — unending market complexity, massive amounts of business information, and urgent decision time-frames.”
– Director, Marketing and Sales


PriSim® runs business training courses for both the Financial Services and the Aerospace and Defense practices at Deloitte. The courses utilize PriSim’s Insurance Business Simulation – Insurance Challenge!TM property and casualty insurance simulation and BizFighterTM aerospace and defense simulation. Managers and Senior Managers work in teams running separate businesses competing for market share and profitability. Participants “walk a mile” in their clients’ shoes, experiencing what it’s like to run a business in an intensely competitive environment. Guest speakers and “white-space” exercises are conducted to drive home learnings that can be applied in the real-world with Deloitte’s clients.

“The PriSim insurance simulation was a great opportunity to step into the shoes of a management team to get a glimpse of the complexities of the various business decisions at an insurance company. Together with the added time constraints, it really cements the concept of strategic business thinking and collaborative decision making. The Instructor was a fantastic facilitator and provided invaluable guidance throughout the process. I’ve definitely taken away many things to think about.”
– Senior Manager – Consulting Practice, Deloitte EMEA, May 2021

“This course is by far, by leaps and bounds, the most valuable and flexible of all the simulations we run at Deloitte.”
– Project Manager – Learning and Development, August 2016

“This was my first simulation training and I think it was an altogether different experience. The training helped me get my hands on some of the concepts that were only theoretical for us till now. This has helped us delve deeper into our clients problems and really understand where they stem from!”
– Manager, Deloitte India Insurance Consulting, March 2016

CNA Insurance

PriSim® delivers our property and casualty insurance course for CNA Insurance to build business acumen. Participants lead and manage a simulated insurance conglomerate made up of an insurance carrier and an agency network.

“Being in IT I don’t get the opportunity for the experiences in “running” the business. The two day session helped me learn more about what it takes to run an Insurance Company than I have learned thus far in 6 years and would probably take another 5.”
– Program Management Director, November 2016

“I had a great experience working with PriSim to pilot their Insurance Challenge Competition within one of our leadership programs. (The instructors) took the time to learn about our business, as well as the overall program so that we could appropriately tailor the solution for our needs. (The instructors) were expert facilitators who kept the session exciting and challenging. The participants thoroughly enjoyed the 2-day experience, ranking it as one of the most impactful learning experiences within their 10-week program.”
– Director, Talent & Leadership Development, December 2016

Selective Insurance

PriSim delivers our Agency Brokerage Challenge™ simulation in partnership with Selective Insurance as part of their Emerging Leaders curriculum and their Selective’s College Competition event.  In both courses, participants lead and manage a simulated insurance agency making decisions in carrier management, customer management, lead sourcing, financial management, profitability analysis, production analysis, and other operational functions.

The Emerging Leaders class is offered to up-and-coming leaders who work at Selective’s premier agency partners, and the Selective’s College Competition is run for students at top colleges with risk-management and insurance programs. The class helps students interested in insurance careers better understand the terminology and dynamics of the industry- read more about the event here.

“Not only was this competition fun and enjoyable to be a part of, but it was also extremely well put together. Throughout the competition, I could tell that much thought went into the simulation and was amazed at how deep the decisions truly went. I can positively say that I have a much better understanding of how independent agencies operate in real life after participating in the simulation.”
– Participant, Selective’s College Competition, February 2022

“PriSim’s business simulation is a great program and trial for running your own agency. It gets your out of your comfort zone and makes you think like an owner. Do you spend money on x instead of y and what impact does it make? You learn about strategy, staffing/sales, and financial statements to name a few. The simulation made me a better leader by focusing on the bigger picture and not the daily tasks. I would highly recommend PriSim Business War Games.”
– Risk Management Consultant, Regional Brokerage, December 2021

“Actively participating in the agency challenge PriSim model is  a game changer opportunity. Simply stated, students who engage in this process will have a real world opportunity to learn how to operate an independent insurance agency. You will apply lessons learned during these 4 weeks during your entire career.”
– President, The Horton Group Insurance Agency, February 2021

Comp West and Accident Fund Insurance

PriSim® delivers a business training course for Accident Fund Insurance. The course utilizes Insurance Business Simulation – Insurance Challenge!TM property and casualty insurance simulation. Participants run a simulated insurance carrier and independent agency network in teams, competing for market share and profit. As part of the exercise, each team formulates their company’s mission and executes their strategy through several rounds of competition.

“I wanted to get back to you regarding my presentation to the Loss Control staff. The presentation went very well, I presented the Moment of Truth Hampton Inn slide and then had a group activity. The class broke out into groups and I had each group identify our MOT for Loss Control. The Moments of Truth start with the first phone call we make to set up a prospect meeting. Under each of the MOT, they had to identify what they would do to enhance the perception to our Customers. The theme of much of the training was Image is Perception, not reality. For example, we work as a team, what can we do or say to give the impression that we work as a team. We are experts in our core industries, what can we do or say to give the impression that we are experts. I’m excited to say that the presentation went so well, I will be giving it to all customer-facing employees (Claims, Underwriting, etc.). It really hit home and had a very positive effect on me, and now hopefully the company.”

– Regional Loss Control Manager, February 2015

“The PriSim exercise helps participants understand the full business cycle of an insurance company, from the agency to the carrier to the shareholder. It is a one of a kind experience and you will walk away with a greater comprehension of how your business works!”

– Manager of Financial Performance & Analysis

“The Prisim Insurance Challenge was fantastic for all participants here at Accident Fund. In a controlled environment, all of the teams were able to determine the mission, objectives, strategies, and tactics that led to a successful insurance company and agency force. In this collaborative process, key members from different departments were thrown in a room together, each bringing individual experiences and strengths to the table, and in the end came out with new perspectives and skills. In addition, this experience has strengthened the relationships between the individuals involved, which will have a lasting and powerful impact on our company going forward.”

– Supervising Actuary

RLI Insurance

PriSim® delivers our property and casualty insurance course for RLI Insurance and its agency/brokerage partners to build business acumen. Participants lead and manage a simulated insurance conglomerate made up of an insurance carrier and an agency network, and engage in leadership and behavioral assessments.

“Thank you for a wonderful opportunity! What a wonderful learning tool – I plan on utilizing this information with others in our office.”
– Vice President, Insurance Broker

CSAA Insurance Services

PriSim® delivers a business training course for the Insurance Services division of AAA. The course utilizes PriSim’s Insurance Business Simulation – Insurance Challenge!TM property and casualty insurance simulation. Participants run a simulated insurance carrier and independent agency network in teams, competing for market share and profit. As part of the exercise, each team formulates their company’s mission and executes their strategy through several rounds of competition.

“The simulation provided the participants with a hands-on perspective of how to run an insurance company in a team environment. The sometimes unanticipated consequences of management actions were illustrated in real-time by the model. It’s a great use of time to train in team dynamics, insurance operations, and finance.”
– Product Executive, Insurance Services

AlliedWorld Insurance

PriSim® delivers our property and casualty insurance course for Allied World Insurance to build business acumen. Participants lead and manage a simulated insurance conglomerate made up of an insurance carrier and an agency network.

“PriSim allows a team to get a good feel on the implications of pulling levers within a business under the protection of a simulator. For that reason alone it is a great tool to gain further perspective and crucially to give individuals the chance to test their own theories against others. I would certainly recommend using it across a business and different functions.”
– Chief Underwriting Officer, Asia Pacific Insurance Division, Allied World Insurance, March 2016

“The PriSim team are consummate professionals who are prompt, thorough, and clear communicators who keep things moving and organized before, during, and after the session. The Instructor is a very skilled and savvy facilitator who has the experience, tools, and personality to create a simulation and classroom experience that is fun, engaging, challenging, and quite memorable for all. PriSim’s Insurance Challenge product is a rare and valuable educational experience for insurance companies that want a facilitated, click-by-click, computerized simulation experience. PriSim’s simulation tool was modern, user-friendly, fun, and extremely enlightening for our participants. They all wanted to know how we could use it on-the-job!”
– Learning and Development Manager, Allied World Insurance