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The Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers

PriSim delivers our Agency Brokerage Challenge™ simulation as part of the Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers (CIAB) leadership and development curriculum to independent agents and brokers. In the course, participants lead and manage a simulated insurance agency/brokerage making decisions in carrier management, customer management, lead sourcing, financial management, profitability analysis, production analysis, and other areas.

“The PriSim Business Challenge is the best learning development engagement we do at M3 hands down.  You can talk about the complexity and nuances of running a brokerage, but this challenge makes the conversation real and enables participants to feel the impact of their decision making.  Without fail, our participants have always walked away with a deeper understanding and appreciation for what it takes to build a successful agency.  Additionally, participants benefit from the opportunity to go through this challenge together and build stronger relationships that further aid our organizational growth.”
– Vice President, M3 Insurance, February 2022

“I found the exercise to be extremely insightful, thought provoking, and dare I even say fun. After taking part in the simulation, I have really come to understand and appreciate all the decisions that business owners must make daily, quarterly, and yearly. There are so many factors and variables involved in each decision that affect the outcome and ultimately the future of the company. Whether it is financial or emotional, every decision has a domino effect and will determine the success or failure of the company and its employees. Working with a team of intelligent people that all have strong opinions and offer insight towards business decisions that may change the fortunes of the company and its employees was not easy. Every single decision has such a ripple effect on every other decision. This exercise has really opened my eyes and earned my respect to all that goes into owning and operating a business. I learned a lot and even had fun in the process.”
– Sales Associate, JGS Insurance, September 2021

“It’s very interesting to have your perspective especially while thinking back on the experience and what felt right and what feels like could have been done differently. I think I learn about as much from the post-mortem as I do from the experience itself, so I appreciate you taking the extra time!”
– Practice Lead, IMA Insurance, August 2021

“I had the pleasure of coordinating with Jeff and Max on an internal “Broker Smackdown” program for our up-and-coming leaders. Beyond the preparation for the program being straightforward, well-organized and able to pivot to a virtual format, it couldn’t have been easier working with Jeff and Max – they are professional, knowledgeable, yet incredibly personable and fun. And, the program was a hit! The participants said it was the best training they have done within their careers and wished they could have experienced decades prior!  The success of the program is a reflection of Jeff and Max’s expertise, facilitation skills, and excellent simulation tool. We feel so fortunate to have partnered with PriSim and look forward to doing so many times over.”
– Human Resources Business Partner, Marsh & McLennan Insurance Agency LLC, August 2021

“The PriSim War Game on the insurance business was a remarkable eye-opener; we learned how many different aspects interact and must be dealt with to be successful. Running a broker agency and having good leadership is complex. When you make thoughtful choices by using the tools we obtained during this workshop, and then learn to focus and stick to the plan, you will be in a good position to obtain positive results.”
– Deputy Director Commercial & Private Lines, Vanbreda Risk & Benefits, March 2020

“Thanks for your time and the work that you put in with us. I’ve been to a lot of training sessions over the years…some better than others. With most, even the good ones, there are generally times that I’m looking at my watch and wondering why the time is moving so slowly. You guys really kept it moving, and the couple days went pretty quickly. Of course, the game had something to do with that, but the pace at which you taught in between and the style with which you presented the material, along with the jelly beans, etc., really held a quick pace. I enjoyed it.”
– Senior Marketer, Cottingham & Butler, June 2019

“The PriSim experience was great fun! A close-to-reality tailored simulation for our industry. Almost all skills of successful corporate management have been addressed. This will be a very good training experience for our upcoming junior executives!”
– Manager, Ecclesia Group, April 2019

“In order to advance in the early part of your career you need to develop expertise in an area to differentiate yourself. In order to advance later in your career you must show that you have the ability to understand and act on the landscape of factors that impacts a company’s ability to grow. PriSim as a platform gives you the ability to learn by doing, test yourself based on measured results, and along the way requires you to debate and discuss with your peers the best path forward. If you are entry level or a CEO, you can take something away from this experience; and our Board did. We valued their professionalism, flexibility, expertise, and humor!”
– CIAB Board Member, May 2017

The Big I – The Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America

PriSim delivers our Brokerage Challenge™ simulation as part of The Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America’s (The Big I) leadership and development curriculum to independent agents and brokers, and their Young Agents curriculum. In the course, participants lead and manage a simulated insurance agency/brokerage making decisions in carrier management, customer management, lead sourcing, financial management, profitability analysis, production analysis, and other areas.

“If you want to improve your Association’s value proposition to its membership, partner with PriSim. PriSim delivers a hands-on learning experience unlike any other. The unique curriculum, coupled with the Insurance Business Simulation, left our Association’s emerging leaders feeling empowered and better equipped to apply proven business and financial strategies and concepts to insurance operations. It is by far the most highly rated educational experience we have ever delivered as an association.”
– Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President, Independent Insurance Agents of Wisconsin, November 2017