National Semiconductor

PriSim® conducts a business laboratory for National Semiconductor titled “Running the BusinessTM“. The course is delivered in an open enrollment format for emerging leaders across NSC’s business units. The course focuses on understanding the ties between business decisions and business performance. Specific financial metrics central to NSC’s business and industry are defined and discussed including: Return on Invested Capital, Gross Margin, Operating Margin, Earnings Per Share, and Economic Value Added.

“This program helped me to better understand how my company is measured financially as well as how certain decisions can impact the bottom line. This program also helped me realize the difficult decisions that executives need to make given they do not exactly know what competitors will do, how the economy will do, etc. This program was a motivating, fun, and interesting way to learn about business finance. It totally captured my attention and focus.”
– Director, National Semiconductor University

“(The Instructors) do an excellent job engaging participants. They know how to intervene at just the right level to keep the simulation moving without adversely impacting learning. They are able to deliver an ‘intense’ experience and at the same time provide a fun learning environment. Our participants are still talking about the experience after several weeks and I have managers asking me when the next time the workshop will be offered. Through the lectures and simulation, prospective managers are able to experience being in the ‘hot seat’ and after the workshop have a very clear understanding of their required development to take that next step, which in our case is BU leadership. Great program!”
– Manager, Training, National Semiconductor University