The Berry Companies

PriSim® delivers a dealership-based business training course for The Berry Companies . The course utilizes PriSim’s Heavy Equipment Simulation – Test DriveTM. Participants run a simulated equipment dealership in teams, competing for market share and profit. As part of the exercise, each team formulates their company’s mission and executes their strategy through several rounds of competition.

“I can’t recommend Test Drive enough for any person in any role in any dealer! The course was integral in connecting how various strategic decisions can have broad implications across the organization. In addition, the PriSim team was able to teach to the diverse backgrounds of all participants to ensure everyone got the most out of their training. “
– Executive

“Most small business owners and future leaders are not privy to advanced business acumen courses unless they had the opportunity in college, so the course was very valuable for our group. The simulation is impressive because it combines critical leadership skills into a learning forum that is so different from what anyone has ever experienced before. The simulation is sophisticated so it is impossible to leave without critical, implementable takeaways. The participants learn from doing, have a strong discussion around strategy. The course plays beautiful to the ego of any quality employee willing to participate, want to win and have fun in the process. Our clients were also impressed by the combination of presentation/lecture with teamwork/simulation work. It is hard to keep people engaged for 2.5 days, but PriSim was uniquely superb.”
– Vice President

“Like every business, we are interested in the return on our investments. To me the proof that we find PriSim to be a valuable return on our investment is that we just completed our third year of War Games. Repeatedly, our Leadership Development Program students say that the time spent in simulation is invaluable to realizing how departments and decisions are tied together in our dealerships. How everything that we do and every decision that we make is intertwined to affect every department.”
– Vice President of Operations

“We recently had our executive team, division managers and our management development class participate in PriSim’s Test Drive course and we were very pleased! Every single person that participated found value in the training and simulation as well as the opportunity for team building and friendly competition. It sparked great discussions about the ripple effects that a single decision in one department can create throughout the company as a whole. It also opened our eyes to areas of the business that we might not be as familiar with on a day-to-day basis. Our facilitator kept the group energized and engaged through the entire event. We would recommend this to any company looking for the perfect mix of a fun and interactive but truly educational training experience. “
– Training and Development Manager

“The value of the Test Drive course is to provide a broader experience to those in our organization with a narrower departmental focus.  It illustrates how various departments influence each other.  The experience also shows how different actions influence the bottom line as well the our customer’s satisfaction index. In a condensed time period you can give an employee the benefit they would receive from rotating through several departments, with the end result of a better understanding of how the entire dealership works.”
– President

“Test Drive is the most fun and effective training we have brought to our employees.  Our Management Development class competed against each other in Prisim’s business simulation of construction equipment dealerships.  Our employees reported skills development in strategic planning and plan execution.  Test Drive and and the instructor are awesome.”
– VP Administration